Play - Bridges Danang
  • No. 4 Phuoc Truong 11 Street, Phuoc My, Son Tra, Da Nang   |    +84 (0)236 383 3777



A small cool open air space on the third floor with one elliptical trainer, a walking machine and a bicycle,
which is available 24 hours a day at your convenience.


This is where you can rent the real bicycle, scooter or car.
We arrange excursions to the bridges or elsewhere, book air/train/bus/excursion/entrance tickets and
whatever else can make your stay in Da Nang enjoyable.


Take a photo looking faboulous in a Ao Dai, rent for one day or buy it!
More handmade souvenirs in the lobby


There is a small self-serve laundry on the sky deck on the 10th floor.
If you are a creature of comfort we will do the laundry for you. Please check for prices.


Bridge’s is a raw build, there are no “cover ups”.
Minimal paint, almost none was used in the construction process.
Edison energy saving lamps and uncovered cables and pipes on the walls let you see, breathe and feel the building.
Gree air conditioners are using environmental friendly gas and new technology air filters.
Every room has a fan, Danang’s temperatures are mild from November to March and won’t need air conditioning.
Furniture and decorations are partly from re-purposed materials hand-made.
Iron hand -made furniture from Industrial Rooms in Hanoi remind of the steel rails of bridges.
The desklamps came from many early morning beach walks dragging drift wood from the water to my house.
Dried on the balcony and then processed by Son, a local talented carpenter into lamps.
The plants in the rooms clean the air.
We use glass bottles for water, there is a water fountain in the Pier Co Working space to refill the bottles.
Soap, Shampoo and Shower gel and cleaning materials are organic from Refillables Hoi An.
Batteries in the clocks, remotes and others are re-chargeable.
Garbage bin liners in the rooms are made from waterproof, long lasting cleanable materials and get emptied into the large bin.
Garbage separation and separate receptacles for bottles and cans which we donate to recyclers.
Free Bicycles