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Aodep Vietnam

“Beautiful shirt” Vietnam was created in 2019 in the center of Vietnam by someone who has been too long in Vietnam.

Small quantities of typical Vietnamese motifs are designed and produced in a social conscious environment.
The T shirts are handcrafted by real people with a real salary in workshops, not mass produced in a factory.
They are then sent to small shops, houses or schools in Hue, Da Nang and Hoi An to put on the applique, embroidery and paint, each in a different place.
The material for the applique is the material of the traditional “two piece suit” every woman wears around the house; typical for Vietnam.
Most of these places employ elderly or challenged women who are considered “non – employable”.
Small everyday items are incorporated into some of the designs.
Each T shirt is unique; no T shirt is the same.
T shirts are available in sizes S, M, L and XL.

The shirts are recommendable for travel, party wear, casual wear even business wear.
They are 100% soft cotton, 100% comfortable, 100% unique, 100% different and 100% loved.
They can be machine washed, but preferably hand wash for longer life & colors.
No iron and no tumble dry.

There are three series, with scenes which reflect life in Vietnam.

Vietnamese People – Embroidery & Applique

A Vietnamese lady rides her motorbike adorned with gloves and facemark to retain her marble complexion.

The Market Woman
Market women transport their goods for sale in two baskets with a stick across the shoulder for balance.

Vietnamese Girl
A Vietnamese girl with a conical hat for protection from the sun facing the waves at the beach.

Pink Ao Dai
The elegant long hair Vietnamese lady is carrying a conical hat in her hand.

Ao Dai
The Ao Dai the most elegant garment worn by Vietnamese women.


Vietnamese Flowers - Embroidery

These are the most popular flowers in Vietnam, the spring flower being popular around Vietnamese New Year.

Bird of Paradise
Spring flower


Vietnamese Animals - Paint

These are Vietnam’s cutest and most imposing animals, including the mighty buffalo.






Our packaging is environmentally friendly, we use re-use able organza bags.